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July 07 2019

Attack on daronekhei

July 02 2019

Design trade with orwichu
Additional doodle/ref with socks -

June 19 2019

proud pony
just one of the finished YCHs I do on
I liked that one a lot.
If you want a pride art hit me up! It's 10$ per character. (I use each YCH only once so that one is already taken, but I can just draw a different one)

April 20 2019

uberstress art for the adopt
I decided to do a flowery forest, mixing both of your ideas cx
I was wondering what to do with the fact that I do outlines for characters I draw, and for landscapes I don't do them >.>
So i just mixed both and did outlines on Ace and on the flowers that are closer, also on closer trees but it's not that visible.
It's an experimental piece since i never mixed these styles before, I'm kinda happy with it since experimenting with art is always nice but i messed up a bit and couldn't ctrl-z so i have mixed feelings about this piece >.>
Anyway, i hope you like it >w<

February 21 2019

boop~ YCH [both slots open]
buy them here!

February 19 2019

puzzle lover [closed]
finished auction on ych.commishes

February 15 2019

happy jump
finished auction.
follow to see ongoing auctions:

January 22 2019

Cuddles~ YCH

November 29 2018

new boi i got from weedIord <3
"can levitate" trait is useful -  I can finally draw my character levitating like all the others I drew but now I have an excuse, hehe~

October 02 2018

OC-tober, day 1
design i got from Winelys-11
finally drew them!
i need a name for them though ;-;
Phil maybe?

September 20 2018

Cuddly Love
One of the YCH's that I finished recently!

September 16 2018

Come in~ [YCH]
ych for 5 dollars
just 1 slot, like all my ychs

August 23 2018

is that really her name? just b?
FacePalmzGodDammit late ass revenge!
edgy adopt OTA [closed]
I'll literally take anything so don't be afraid to offer lmao! really offer anything
this is old af i forgot to upload
belongs to Greycait on YCH.commishes

August 22 2018

late ass art for AristaRoo who attacked me on artfight, i didnt manage to attack back in time lol

July 24 2018

free 8 dA points to everyone XD [CLOSED]

July 04 2018

March 04 2018

old ass collab
collab with :iconkyuremgirl:
old ass collab
collab with :iconkyuremgirl:
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