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August 09 2017

Games on steam for art/points/free! added more
Trading games on steam for art/points/free!
Trading games on steam for art/points!
2 raffles (nm)
raffle (nm)

August 08 2017

custom fluka
im sorry that it took so long T.T
also i cant fucking see it... idk if you can but if you click download you'll see it
holy shit dA is bugged
even reuploading won't help -_-

edit: oh hey it fixed itself

July 24 2017

oc review thing(not mine)

July 21 2017

voltage divided by current
very pissed kitty making molotov cocktails
the title is a joke cause current*resistance = voltage
get it

July 01 2017

LF sun team members with cute charas! [Art Fight]

June 26 2017

Request stream! [ONLINE]
lets try that again [redesign]
redesign of my first OC :>
i changed his colors a bit (grey is darker than it was, hair are brighter, his eye color is different too)
i added a mole and a beard, and the black color on the wings
i like him a lot more!

June 07 2017

i wish for peace
another piece for pride month, to support lgbt :>
blue represents peace/harmony
i still hate the word pride.

also the design was made by doctorsteeI !
thought i would let you know i drew him :>

June 06 2017

i need healing
This is for pride month! orange color represents healing.

To be honest - I HATE the word pride.
Don't get me wrong, i support LGBT very much, I'm bicurious myself.
But being proud of something you have no control over seems so stupid to me!
It's like being proud because you're white, or being proud because you were born in this particular country, not the other?
Doesn't make sense to me :<

May 28 2017

rq - sir roderic
rq for Blusagi
my rq box:…
feel free to throw all your characters in there!

May 26 2017

Crossword! win a doggo! CLOSED
Guess all of them to get a doggo adopt i made today!
Not showing him until someone wins! It's a mysterious doggo.
My toyhouse:
The answers are all my OC's!
DO NOT edit your comment with answers! These won't count. If you want to change something, post it in another comment!
You have to be my watcher to participate.

1: Snowflake's best buddy.
2: Real name of my Mohitsune! (closed species by @/Erleuchtete)
3: The fluffiest one.
4: DMT lover.
5: Her love life is complicated.

6: Gay 4 Timon.
7: Tiny and blue.
8: My oldest OC!! Used to be my sona. (is being redesigned rn)
9: Loves pudding.

May 21 2017

one bong too far
a really quick and flat doodle of timon before i go to sleep.
gonna put him on some trippy galaxy background later and ill put it in the description

May 16 2017

design i got in a trade! designed by Iittleprince
no shading cause im lazy af right now

May 14 2017

i don't trust you
its patch!!
design: doctorsteeI
got him from weedIord : D
i think i made his neck too long but im still happy with this picture, because it was some really good pose practice. Finally something that looks ok and its not a standing dog as seen from the side!
I'll prob fix the neck >n<

May 07 2017

Collab adopt auction [1/2 OPEN] SB 50p
Collab with TCMoonlight !
#1 - Moon did the sketch, i lined it, and she colored (open)
#2 - I did the sketch, she lined, and I colored (closed, belongs to HesudashiYuu

SB: 50:points:
MI: 5:points:
AB: 200:points:
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